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Even though video content is essential in every search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, simply making and posting videos is not enough to boost traffic and position your website high on SERP. 

Website optimization specialists from Optimized will create original and engaging video materials for your website or social media pages and make them SEO-friendly. Your videos and pages will be easily discoverable on Google, Bing, YouTube, and other search engines.

Increase Search Engine Rankings

Your website’s position on Google’s organic search results can be greatly enhanced by video materials and video optimization. All the videos made by Optimized will include carefully-picked keywords in the description and meta-data, be valuable to your core audience, provoke engagement, or provide clear instructions, depending on the purpose of the video. You can reach high organic positions in different languages and countries. Contact Optimized for multilingual video SEO and spread your business abroad!

Boost Engagement Rates with Videos

Videos are by nature more engaging than other types of content like text or images. If you choose a digital marketing package with SEO-friendly video marketing, you will significantly boost engagement and click-through rates. You can start slowly with some fresh videos on your website and decide if you need social media marketing. Of course, you’ll have insight into your site’s analytics and be able to make the best decisions at any time.

Video material can be spread through a variety of platforms, such as social media, video-sharing websites, and email campaigns, expanding its audience and interaction.

Enhance Brand Awareness and Reach New Audiences

Strong brand awareness is a must if you want to stand out from the crowd and actually attract new audiences. Businesses can raise their search engine rating and increase exposure and organic traffic by optimizing videos with applicable keywords and meta-data. This improves the chance of attracting new customers. Hire a digital agency with experience in branding and reputation management services and spread your message to those people who need to hear it. Optimized offers web development, UX/UI design, content marketing, transcreation, multilingual SEO, and branding, in addition to first-class video marketing.

Video Marketing Services 

Pick Optimized and get all kinds of video services, including:

YouTube and Vimeo Campaigns

Grow on YouTube and Vimeo, connect with your audience on a deeper level, gain the trust of new prospects, and present your values and identity in the best possible way. Videos will help build your brand and become distinguishable from competitors in your area. Being active on multiple social media websites and video-sharing platforms and using video materials for your page content and blog posts will strengthen your online reputation and position on Google, Bing, and other commonly used search engines. 

Call Optimized for everything website related. You’ll see that professionalism and performance-driven marketing come with reasonable rates and complete transparency!